Writings samples from some of Leon Conliff’s finest works including MANIA and the Blood & Steel series.


The following is a collection of excerpts from some of my published works.


MANIA: The Shift

The first in the MANIA series of comic books. The story follows a series of superheroes suffering from various mental disorders. The story was intended to raise awareness regarding society's often harmful view of mental disorders.


Blood & Steel, Book 3: The Cavalier

The third in the Pathfinder expansion books, Blood & Steel Book 3: The Cavalier is a detailed expansion for the Cavalier class. The book introduces new variations and play styles as well as new weapons and equipment to add variety to the mounted combatant.

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MANIA: The Light

The second issue of MANIA. The Light focused on the relationship between the hero "Iris" and the villain "Prism" and the complexities of those self-imposed roles.


Blood & Steel, Book 4: The Monk

The fourth in the Pathfinder expansion books, Blood & Steel 4: The Monk is, much like book 3, an expansion on a specific class. The book focuses on various fighting styles and martial arts from around the world to create new and engaging ways to play this staple class of the fantasy roleplaying genre.

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MANIA: The Faces

The third issue of MANIA followed one of the primary antagonists, striking a much darker tone for the series. The villain "Jack" illustrates what happens when mental health is shunned and ignored.


The Callingwood Suicides

A psychological thriller set in the fictional town of Callingwood, Delaware, The Callingwood Suicides follows a series of unexplained deaths that ravage the rural town and the mysterious humming man who walks the streets at night.


Comic Book Reviews

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