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Find out more about the friends and family of Leon Conliff. These are the artists shaping the world of tomorrow.



No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.
— John Donne, No Man is an Island

If you've worked with me before, are a fan of my work, or just stumbled upon this page by accident consider looking into some of my wonderful associates. Artists, writers, musicians and more. These are people I've worked with and trust above all else.  Their work continues to inspire me and, I hope, my work inspires them.


Brianna Flores

An artist, writer, director, musician, actor, and just about anything else you can imagine. Brianna's work is bubbly and colorful. It's bound to bring an energetic touch to any project. She takes commissions and is always looking for a new project to get involved with.


Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is a writer and videographer,  who can be summed up simply as "dedicated". His determination to getting the job done right is what has made him an invaluable resource no matter what project he is assigned to.


Kirstie Smith

Kirstie Smith is a musician based out of Los Angeles. Her career has just begun to get underway but her skill can't be understated. Her upbeat nature permeates everything she does.  Her music, taking inspiration from video games like Undertale and classic 90's music makes the perfect backdrop for films, video games, and podcasts.


Teddy Wright IV

Perhaps one of the most brilliant artists I've ever met. Teddy lives and breathes the art that he creates. His work at Lucasfilm and the comic book series MANIA puts him on an entirely different level from most artists. His work needs no introduction as it speaks for itself.


James Sparkman

James Sparkman is the sort of artist anyone would want on their production team. His work, inspired by the early days of video games and Disney Classics, has a timeless feeling other artists struggle to capture. He is available for commissions and his Dungeons and Dragons work in particular stands out as a must have for any burgeoning Dungeon Master.


Elyse Wietstock

I've had a few opportunities to work with Elyse Wietstock over the years and every time has been an absolute delight. On many a project she's been the glue that held everything together. Her quick wit and organization makes her the perfect writer and editor.


Nicholai Conliff

Before I had even begun to take my first steps into the writing world my brother was already thick into the fray. His first book, Unbound, a look into the dark and miserable lives of vampires, is a masterpiece of evocative language. His skill is matched by none and everything he releases is a wonder to behold.